How we ship to you

Family Run Dive Centre Since 1991

Run by divers for divers. We’re a family run dive centre based in Teignmouth on the beautiful South Devon coast and have been servicing local divers since 1991 through our bricks and mortar dive centre, Teign Diving centre, our dive centre located in Quay Road, Teignmouth. Our focus is on providing ALL divers with the best possible service, and we bring those 24 years of experience to our online dive shop.

Run by Divers For Divers

Whatever budget you’re on, we want to make sure you dive with the best kit you can for the type of diving you want to do. Our friendly team is made up of experienced divers who can provide you with advice based on real diving experience of the equipment we sell. The range of equipment that we have selected to stock and sell in our stores is based on what we would personally choose to use, we don’t sell any equipment that we would not choose to dive with ourselves!

Something For Everyone

As a diver its very important that you get the best product for your intended use, not the best product for the store to sell. Our staff have a range of experience in all aspects of diving, including recreational diving, deep technical diving, dive equipment servicing and diver training, and are on hand in person, by phone or by email to give you their advice, and to get you diving and enjoying your diving experiences.

Scuba Equipment & Servicing

Your diving equipment is a massive investment for any diver and we pride ourselves on offering in house servicing of all the equipment we stock. Buying from us brings additional expertise and service support and we will ensure that you are reminded when your equipment needs servicing as well as offering reduced prices on servicing to our customers.

PADI 5 Star Dive Training Centre

As a PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre, we don’t only sell diving equipment – we’re a training centre delivering PADI and first aid training, we run regular dives with our dedicated dive boat, we offer equipment servicing, and we also run a well stocked chandlery. This means that we are well placed to meet all your needs from training, through kit and equipment, to going diving and what you’re going to pull on to keep warm once you’re out of the water.

Diving Community

Visit our Teignmouth and Plymouth Centre’s here to find out the latest news and trips that we have running!